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Your Key Protection

 Only a licensed home inspector can give you a written report on the condition of a home.  It will point out unsafe systems and components, and ones that are not working.

The home inspector licensing board makes sure they do not let you down.

Home inspectors also tell you if other experts, like electricians or engineers, should be consulted.  Instead of everyone hiring an expensive team of electricians, plumbers, HVAC techs, roofers and architects to check out every home, the home inspector screens each home to let you know if specialists like that are needed.  Think how much money – and time — that saves!

Inspectors are like family doctors.  They do your basic checkup.  They don’t do heart surgery, but they tell you if a heart doctor is needed.  Here’s a visual checklist of what inspectors check:

Home inspectors can save buyers from a costly mistake.  Buyers who got home inspections defaulted on mortgages about one-third less than all other homebuyers over the last 5 years, for example.  Many buyers avoided getting in over their heads.

The best inspection reports cover the house top to bottom.  They should include information you can use for years.  The best reports have photos of every major mechanical B like furnaces and air conditioners B and all major appliances, like refrigerators, kitchen ranges, and clothes washers.  Top reports also include the make, model and serial number of each of them.  It’s a big help to have all that when you buy.  It can be even more important in case of an insurance claim or a warranty claim.

To get a trustworthy pro in the house in a matter of days, and have the written report about 24 hours later, for just a few hundred dollars is a bargain!

You can’t get that anywhere else.

For Your Protection, Get a Home Inspection.

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