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Questions and Answers About Radon Gas             

How do I know if my home has elevated levels of radon gas?
Answer:  you must test your home for radon gas per the American Lung Association,   American Medical Association, American Cancer Society, American Public Health Association, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Surgeon General.

How do I test my home?
Answer:  by a licensed Radon Measurement Specialist call InspectHomes4U:  we are licensed and certified  502-894-8644  NRSB- National Radon Safety Board Measurement License # 5SS0020  Accredited Lab # ARL5002

What is the EPA recommended action level for Radon gas?
Answer:  the EPA recommends further action be taken when the home’s radon test results are 4.0 pCi/L or greater.

What are the health risks of Radon?
Answer: breathing air with elevated radon levels over long periods of time is known to increase your risk of lung cancer. You can’t see, smell or taste radon.  Radon is a class “A” human carcinogen (tobacco smoke, asbestos, benzene, vinyl chloride and RADON)

How does Radon cause Lung Cancer?
Answer:  inhaling of radon gas decay products stick to the cell in the lung. The cell survive, but are unable to divide so the cell survives with damage (mutated) and then transmits damage to its progeny. Alpha particles from the radon decay products can damage living tissue including lung tissue and over time lead to lung cancer.

If my house has elevated levels, how do I fix it?
Answer:  a qualified Radon Mitigation (reduction) company. A qualified radon- reduction (mitigator) contractor should be able to evaluate the radon problem and provide a written proposal on how radon levels are lowered.  They will design a radon-reduction system, install the system according to the EPA standards, or state and local codes. They will retest the house after the installation of the radon-reduction system to assure it effectively reduces radon levels to the acceptable EPA recommended levels.

When was Radon Discovered and How?
Answer:  an “unknown” ling disease in miners in the 1400’s.  It was identified in 1879 in autopsies of European miners as lung cancer (Lymphosarcoma).  Excess lung cancer deaths observed in uranium mines in the United States, Canada, France and Czechoslovakia. Excess lung cancer deaths in other underground miners in Britain, France, Australia, Newfoundland, Sweden, China and the United States.

What the Public and Policy Makers Need to Know. by: University of Kentucky.

Radon is the 2nd Leading Cause of Lung Cancer Death

Radon is the #1 leading cause of lung cancer 
among non-smokers.

Breathing the air in your home







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SURGEON GENERAL HEALTH ADVISORY “Indoor radon gas is a national health problem. Radon causes thousands of deaths each year. Millions of homes have elevated radon levels. Homes should be tested for radon. When elevated levels are confirmed, the problem should be corrected.”

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