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              Heat pumps have arrived.

              For the first time, heat pump sales topped annual gas furnace sales last year.

              People got the drift.  Heat pumps save money with 3X the energy efficiency of furnaces.  They help the Earth.  And they are more affordable than ever, especially after new 2022 tax credits, incentives and rebates.

              If your AC is on Death Row, it’s time to think heat pumps.  If the AC is at or near death’s door, planning for a heat pump is worthwhile. Your home inspector can give you a heads up.

  Here’s why:  1.  Heat pumps can be 300% efficient, compared to more like 90% for gas furnaces.

              2.  So they help save money on utility bills.

              3.  Up to 30% of the cost of purchase and installation (up to $2,000) can be covered by a federal tax credit under last year’s climate and tax law.  That’s not all.  Power companies, state and local incentives, including rebates, may also kick in.  The most comprehensive list of those deals is at www.dsireusa.org.  Those deals are no forever.

              4.  They work year ‘round in this region.  They can heat when it’s as cold as -13° F.  That’s amazing!  (Old myths about heat pumps being useless in the cold are DOA.)

              5.  They even help the environment.  They don’t burn fossil fuels.  They capture heat and then boost it, using compression.  Even though many use electricity, it can be produced by solar, wind, or geothermal, not just by power companies burning fuels.  Yet, even plugged into the grid, heat pumps are more climate friendly.

              6.  Prices are getting friendly too.  Small central split ducted heat pumps start iin the $4,000-$5,000 range – before deducting those tax credits.

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