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Why Us?

Home Inspections in Louisville, KY

Total Quality First – Speed – Closing – Teamwork – Reliability – Results Wrap It Up

Imagine this:  It’s a beautiful day and you’re looking forward to your home inspection!


Every house can be fixed or repaired.

Don’t home inspections “kill the deal?” – 96% of InspectHomes inspections close!

  • It takes teamwork – experience – training – and solid information.
  • Together, it outperforms the competition – helps keep ‘em out of court.
  • If the house doesn’t commit suicide, why kill it?
  • Our training goes way beyond wiring – to ways everyone can “win, win.”

We include you in the process… NO surprises…we keep you informed!

When will you be there?  Promise? – When you need us.  24/7. Promise!

  • has a “deep bench” – no “10 day wait.”
  • When you need an inspector, you’ve got one!
  • Another company “no shows?” We can cover and get it done!
  • Time is money – neither waits for anyone!

What We Inspect

Exterior:  roofs, gutters, leaders, chimneys, flashing, siding, trim, vents, windows, doors, walkways, driveways, drainage, decks, patio’s

Interior:  electrical, plumbing, heating system, hot water, floors, walls, ceilings, heat sources, windows, doors, framing, bathrooms, bedrooms, living-rooms  kitchens, dinning rooms,closets,  water penetration, ventilation, crawl spaces

Mechanicals:  heating systems, air conditioning, (make, model & serial #)

Appliances: make, model & serial numbers

Ancillary: Wood destroying insects, radon,

How many calls do I have to make to get a deal done?  – One call does it all!

  • Complete home inspections accomplished by skilled, expertly trained inspectors.
  • is a certified radon laboratory – no better turnaround times
  • Free pest inspections by licensed pros – with every full home inspection.
  • Water lab, and other specialized testing available too.

Do inspections take all day? – 3 to 3.5 hours is more like it.

  • averages 3–3.5 hours for an average 3–4 BR, 2,500+/-  sq. ft. house.
  • Inspections of 1 hour or less are a “walk thru” inspection.
  • Clients will follow inspectors through houses. We welcome it, but it does take a little longer.
  • Our handheld computers, unique “drop down” menus, and skilled staff speed it up.

How long after for results?

When does the report get delivered?  – 24 hr. turnaround; same day available.

  • Reports can be e-mailed, faxed or snail mailed.

How do reports look? – About 25–30 color pages with photos.

  • User friendly.  Narrative format. Custom bound.
  • Summary page lists items of concern to be addressed before closing.
  • Final Walk Thru check sheets included.  Final Walk Thru inspections available.

PROBLEMS = “Opportunities”

OK, so how do we handle potential problems? – Like pros.

  • Just the facts. Panic buttons went out with manual typewriters.
  • Everything can be fixed, repaired or replaced.
  • Pre-marketing reports save big $$– pre-listing repairs cost 1/3 of replacement.
  • We’ve screened licensed contractors if help is needed with recommendations.
  • “Antiquities” specialists.  Older homes have charm, and “grandfathering.”

Resource Center:  Continuing Ed

Do you give me a hand if the report perplexes me? – Count on it.  We have answers.

  • You’re never “on your own” with .
  • Just call us – we are staffed 7 days a week.
  • Ask for our complimentary Fact Sheets on common issues, such as elevated radon results.

Who gets a copy of the report? – It’s the client’s decision.

  • All inspection reports are confidential to the client.  We don’t make the rules.
  • Our contract has a “check box” that asks who you want to share it with.

Why Inspect Homes

Experience, like age….WE GET BETTER WITH AGE…Been there, done that, seen it, handled it…PEOPLE SKILLS

Aren’t all home inspection companies the same? – Ouch!

  • Only prices tend to be similar.
  • Quality – in the inspection, the report and the follow-through – make all the difference to you.
  • Working as a team and standing behind you helps too.  Just as we stand behind our work!
  • Clients appreciate our care and knowledge “The Gold Standard”

Great!  What’s the secret? – Experience + Tools + Timely Performance.

  • First, about 25 years in the industry – in markets with some of the nation’s most challenging and expensive homes.
  • Software we continually update.  There’s none better!
  • Everyone appreciates our inspectors!  Really!  We start with experience and people skills, add training and orientation, upgrading  every year with continuing ed, teaming each one with seasoned supervisors and quality controls that are not to be beat.

Getting it done. Very well. When you need it! With all that you need.

“We’re proud to be your partner in building the American Dream!”

We are Relocation Experts too!

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