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1 – Finding Top Home Inspectors

    “I got such a bad home inspection,” clients sometimes blurt out.
We feel for them.  And it hurts our feelings.  We know how much help a good home inspection is, day-in and day-out.
There is plenty of data backing up that point of view.
Mortgage defaults were seriously lower for homeowners who got home inspections compared to default rates for people who got no home inspection.  Some estimates put it as much as 40% lower defaults.
Home fire deaths and injuries have trended relentlessly lower since the early 1980s, when data first was collected.  That is teamwork, of course.  Researchers who learn how to prevent, suppress, and survive fires.   Building codes and policy makers constantly improving standards.  Manufacturers that turn out better materials.  Architects and builders who improve construction.  Government officials who enforce standards.  And, of course, home inspectors who alert homeowners to safety issues.  This team saves lives every year, one home at a time.
We could go on.
Still, it is a real disappointment when anyone is let down by a home inspection.  It happens.  It probably happens more than we like to think.
The truth is that government agencies never clean up any business 100%, whether it’s home inspecting or mortgage lending or banking or hospitals or funerals.  It only makes examples out of a few bad apples now and then.
It obviously is true that consumers should pick licensed home inspectors.  A license is required by state law in Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee (but not Ohio).

    It is just as true that licensing is no guarantee.  In fact, the Kentucky licensing board is still trying to take its first “home inspector” – without a license – off the streets.  It has been at for about half a decade – unsuccessfully, so far.  Home inspectors with InspectHomes show each client their license.  But that is only a beginning.
Better Business Bureau ratings always help buyers find trustworthy businesses.  A top BBB rating tells you more than just a license.  It’s always worth checking with the BBB.  It’s just a click away.  You can click on the BBB logo on this site for a shortcut.
There’s more.

    Coming up in our next blog:  Ways to screen top home inspectors.  And few insider tips.

    Meanwhile, you can always count on us.  If you’ve got a question, we’ve got answers.  Call 502-894-8644 anytime.

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