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Selling DIY.  FSBO?

Every home buying or selling decision is a big decision, starting with big dollars.

                We get it.  We’ve been involved for decades. 

                From home booms to housing meltdowns and back again, InspectHomes4U experienced staff and industry-leading inspectors pitch in to help make your move successful.

                Going solo is not easy.  But you are not alone.  We’ve helped plenty before you.

                Sure.  The first thing on your mind is how much money you will save.  That’s OK.

                It may even be true.  It is just as important to tally up the gaps you will need to fill.

                You will do for yourself everything a sales agent would have done.  That’s everything from putting a “For Sale” sign in the yard, to showing the home.  That will include having a contract for the sale and maybe arranging the closing.

                Just like homes, there are all sorts of flavors and styles when it comes to selling a home.  The simpler the deal, the easier it is to do it yourself. 

There also are some subtle wrinkles in between the lines.  For example, you will be negotiating with buyers directly.  At least to some extent, this is a skill.  And it always is an experience subject to emotions.  A buyer may really think poorly of your house, but also be able to see it fixed up as they’d like it.  That may not be easy for them to say to your face.  Whether that turns out to be a plus or minus depends a lot on the two who are tangoing, which makes it fairly unpredictable. 

DIY Agent?  We have tools for you.    8 Basic Items You Need.  Call us for the list:  502-894-8644 or email [email protected]

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