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InspectHomes4U Home Inspections is one of Louisville’s highest rated home inspection companies for a reason. Our home inspections provide you with first class customer service and the most detailed and easy to read home inspection report possible, all at a competitive rate.

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What’s A Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a visual analysis for the purpose of providing a professional opinion of the condition of a home, including its garage ordinarily. The basic service is licensed, and fully described, by state law and regulations.

Sample Inspection

Curious about what an inspection includes? We invite you to take a look at a sample home inspection. 


I Got A Bad Home Inspection

I Got A Bad Home Inspection

1 – Finding Top Home Inspectors     “I got such a bad home inspection,” clients sometimes blurt out.We feel for them.  And it hurts our feelings.  We know how much help a good home inspection is, day-in and day-out.There is plenty of...

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How To Read Your Home Inspection Report

How To Read Your Home Inspection Report

THE MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY – READ THE ENTIRE REPORT                  First, read the whole report, not just the “Summary” or “Highlights.”  After-all, you paid for it!     ...

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How To Prepare Your House for A Home Inspection 2

How To Prepare Your House for A Home Inspection 2

10 easy steps to prepare: Turn off alarms. Your agent should have the alarm code to be safe. Trips to re-inspect homes are not free.  Be sure all utilities are on. Water, electricity, and gas need to be working for the inspection.  Otherwise, the...

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In-depth details and overall organization of facts. Lorri & Steve were a huge help, both patient and knowledgeable.

- Jordan, Louisville

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